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High Voltage Power Supplies

PHVP-2C-1500W high voltage power supply


The PHVP-2C-1500W is a 1500W High Voltage Power Supply to power a Medium power TWT having 2 Collectors.

Electrical Specifications:

DC Power 1500W Max
Heater Voltage 6.3V DC Adjustable +/-0.3V
Heater Current 1.8A max, Surge 5A max
Helix Voltage (Ew) 10 to 11KVDC Adjustable
Helix Voltage Ripple 0.1%
Helix Current 10mA max
Coll-1 Voltage 0.5Ew
Coll-1 Current 150mA max
Coll-2 Voltage 0.325Ew
Coll-2 Current 340mA max
Cathode Current 350mA max
Cathode Voltage Turn-On Time 5 milliseconds max
Warm-Up Time 3 minutes min
Prime Power 220V AC +/-10%, 50/60Hz, single or three phase Delta, 4 wires

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